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Sex And Feelings.

2009-10-04 10:54:31 by SaintandtheButter


Sex And Feelings.

That guy ChickenGod is a fucking prick.

So he came over to my house the other day, and raped my couch...

But in all seriousness, he did make my room all messed up, so spam the fuck out of his page...

...And his audio submissions, you should spam those too.

He'd hate that.

[insert interesting, but unrelated title here]

So the beautiful...

2009-07-26 19:01:40 by SaintandtheButter

So The Beautiful ChickenGod Covered one of my songs, because he owed me one, after I gave him a billion blowjobs.


2009-04-27 21:57:36 by SaintandtheButter

So, My other account. ChickenGod uploaded a new song...I mean I did, whatever...

And, I'm probably going to re-do the songs I did on this account, and put them on that account.

new song!

2008-09-16 01:22:48 by SaintandtheButter

new song, go check it out now!!!! called bird-fish, in grunge seciotn (its not really grunge, but i dunno what to put it under, its sorta progressive-ey)

new song...

2008-09-16 00:14:17 by SaintandtheButter

about to upload another new song, a demo again,, im just gonna edit it, and probably re-record it, then im done! this one ive actually attempted lyrics, but they suck so i gotta re-write them


2008-09-09 17:09:01 by SaintandtheButter

Yea Gotta New Song, called Chicken Patty?, In the punk section, Check It OUT!!!

my next song

2008-08-06 00:57:53 by SaintandtheButter

My next song will definitely be a cover, well maybe not, cuz i got a really good riff, just need lyrics..hmmm, well if its a cover, it might be won't get fooled again, by the who, but i dunno

finally got a song up!

2008-08-04 00:09:30 by SaintandtheButter

Finally Recorded a song, though it's only a demo. Now I have to wait until it has been checked by newgrounds. please check it out soon! It's in the Heavy Metal Section