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my next song

2008-08-06 00:57:53 by SaintandtheButter

My next song will definitely be a cover, well maybe not, cuz i got a really good riff, just need lyrics..hmmm, well if its a cover, it might be won't get fooled again, by the who, but i dunno


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2008-08-08 19:37:20

Punk it up it a bit.

SaintandtheButter responds:

yea i will, i know it sounds like im a heavy metal artist, but im really not that much, i usually do punk-ish stuff, think nirvana, and the who, put together, then add a little blink 182, then even a little of hendrix, then you get me


2008-08-22 13:10:55

I might start recording too. I've had my guitar and RP for a while, I have a few songs on my mind. Seems like fun. We can chill together :D

You have AIM?

(Updated ) SaintandtheButter responds:

yea, but never use it, ill check ur stuff out when it comes out


2008-08-22 19:14:21

Sorry, I didn't mean to tell you what to do there, YOU DA ARTIST.
Also, I REALLY hate blink-182.

(Updated ) SaintandtheButter responds:

lol, no its ok, i like punk a lot more than metal, and blink 182 has its moments, but some of there newer songs suck. and it doesnt really sound like blink 182, just the opening riff,

EDIT (Year Later, after seeing my response):




2009-07-03 18:33:11

I think we've both progressed considerably since then.


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